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Very simply I stand for health, my health, your health, and our girls’ health. It drives me, lights me up and gets me excited about life. Let’s face it, if you don’t have your health, nothing else matters. When I say health, I mean not only your physical health but your mental health. The foods that you put into your body, the exercise that you choose, and the thoughts that you have on a regular basis will make a huge impact to how you feel, look and show up in your relationships.
We are ALL busy! I know very well the constant balancing of taking care of yourself and your family. I’m a mom and a wife, I get it. However, if you were honest with yourself, who typically gets put on the backburner? You, right?

You KNOW If you would eat healthier, drink more water, exercise, & be intentional instead of reactive, you would feel much better. Knowing it and doing it are VERY different. 

I'm Jen.


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The difference is one is only a thought and the other is action. The action is where transformation occurs. This is where I, as your Health Accountability Coach come in. 

Over 25 years ago I found my passion for health and wellness and I have consistently learned through wellness seminars, courses, podcasts, and countless books. One of my gifts is to be able to take all of that information, discover what works and make it simple and achievable. My simple approach gets results and is truly sustainable for your life. I will listen to what you need and desire for your health, create an action plan specific to you then inspire you, empower you, and support you through your journey to a healthier, stronger, more connected version of yourself than you could imagine. 
I’m here to serve you! Are you ready to transform? Let’s go, my friend! 

I'm Jen.


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NONE of us are too busy to take better care of our health.

Let’s face it, if we don’t find the time to take care of our health today, then we will have to make time to be ill in the future.

How can you take better care of yourself TODAY? 

Why Care about Self Care?


"Jen has been such an influential force in my life. Where do I begin?" 


Starting with her daily commitment to working out early, (working out earlier than most people considering getting up at all!) Jen’s philosophy of getting your workout in early was so instrumental in getting me to my fitness goals. I no longer had any excuses to delay my work out because I was “tired” from work or any other excuse I could have created. Jen’s well-placed tips for healthy eating and other life choices have positively changed my life. Her advice has made me realize that I am my choices and that it’s up to me to make healthy choices for myself and my family. She has held me accountable in such a nurturing but no BS way and that has helped me transform my health and my family’s health. 


"...serious about assisting you in making positive lifelong changes "


Jen has worked with our family by providing us with simple yet sustainable health tips to improve our overall diet and fitness. Jen makes you aware that what you eat really does affect your body and mind. She has helped us gain a clarity on the different types of nutrients and the best sources of food for each. She is thoughtful, gracious, and attentive along with being well-educated in food and fitness. She provides options for ALL members of the family. I highly recommend her if you need support and guidance in navigating the world of health and nutrition. She will help you reach your goals and is serious about assisting you in making positive lifelong changes. 


"People don’t transform alone."


Jen Brinsmade is not just a health, wellness and lifestyle coach but a life changer. People have access to unlimited information from the internet to social sites such as Pinterest to field experts but what is unique to Jen’s offering is her commitment to seeing you reach your highest level of potential. Information is good but that is all it is, information. Information is not transformation. Transformation takes a coach pushing you toward your best performance. People don’t transform alone. Jen walks along side of you encouraging you to make choices that grow you, challenge you, and get you to where you want to be from a total health solution perspective. She achieves this by seeking to understand who you are currently and who you can be if you only had a knowledge guide and champion. This access to greatness is invaluable. If you feel discouraged that despite your best efforts, you still aren’t running life’s race the way you desire, I highly urge you to work with Jen to give yourself the gift of transformation. Every great athlete knows the power of a good coach, and you have access to one of the best in Jen Brinsmade. 

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One-on-one mindset, health & fitness coaching 
Small group mindset, health & fitness coaching 
YOU GROW GIRL - Healthy teen mindset one-on-one coaching
YOU GROW GIRL  - Healthy teen mindset group coaching


One-on-one mindset, health & fitness coaching 
Small group mindset, health & fitness coaching 
YOU GROW GIRL - Healthy teen mindset one-on-one coaching
YOU GROW GIRL  - Healthy teen mindset group coaching


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